State of the Meeting  2018

Bear Creek Monthly Meeting has sojourned the valleys of loss and grief

with the passing of a dear long time member, a member’s wife, and other close Yearly Meeting Friends, and family. Yet, we still celebrate the circle of life as we welcome new attenders, grandchildren, and new, hopeful relationships into our covenant community.

Our Meeting for Worship took on an enhanced intimacy when a spontaneous innovative rearrangement of our benches created a circle of worship that echoed, to some, the importance of the sacred circle to Indigenous spirituality.

We continue to cherish the devoted input from distant members to our query discussions, and extended relationships have developed with various Care committees.  We are grateful for our ties with Laughing  Waters Friends Preparative Meeting as we seek Divine guidance, and grow to know each other more deeply.

We have always had tributaries of concerns that our meeting carries. This year the flow of those concerns has increased, and we seek to remain faithful to that which God may require of us.

The Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business is well attended and our small group is strong through the selfless sharing of talents. We have raised the possibility that our Meeting may seem too casual, although we accomplish much in a timely matter. The Meeting is also exploring the possibilities of options to help our clerk in the business of the community.

When we discern how our Bear Creek community is faithful to what God has called us to do, we reflect on our simple worship, the opportunity for hospitality at Midyear Meeting and monthly meeting and potluck, we come to an awareness that our focus becomes less about what the meeting means to individual members, and more about  how our faithful journeys enhance the Spirit of the meeting.